Apple Crumble Concerts

Classical music for everyone

The ambition of our Dutch charitable foundation, ‘Stichting Appeltaartconcerten’, is to enrich people’s lives with classical music.

Our concerts are performed by professional musicians in chamber music ensembles, ranging from duos up to 15 musicians. The target audience is those people who are unable or unlikely to attend concerts in a concert hall due to physical and/or mental conditions.

Our musicians perform at locations that are accessible to this audience, including retirement homes, (psychiatric) hospitals, prisons, small theatres and special needs schools. We give about 175 concerts a year all over the Netherlands.

To add to the occasion, the audience is served apple pie or apple crumble during the interval or after the concert. This Dutch classic also helps attract people who are unfamiliar with classical music.

We, ‘Stichting Appeltaartconcerten’, performed in Berlin in 2017 and made in 2020 a succesfoul tour in the UK. New international plans are in the making.

Our musicians like to go on tour, so invite us!


For more information, contact Michiel Holtrop, founder of ‘Stichting Appeltaartconcerten’.

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